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Personal Property Tax Management

AMR provides personal property tax management services.

Asset Management Resources (AMR) leverages the flagship Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation service to support your personal property tax management and compliance efforts. Our comprehensive, audit proof process allows you to realize greater tax savings with superior "black and white" documentation (audit trail) and impartiality. Fixed asset inventory and reconciliation service will reveal "ghost assets" (i.e. un-recorded retirements) that are arguably the most significant factor in overpaying personal property taxes.

Property tax savings captured without the hassle of tax appeals.

  • A complete fixed asset inventory and reconciliation ensures a cleansing and fortification of the fixed asset data and the foundation for paying minimum tax.
  • Creation of parent-child relationships for complex assets and properly assigning tax classifications that are more accurate and beneficial.
  • Cost componentization to breakdown sub-assets and exempt intangible costs.
  • Identification of other exempt assets – e.g. Pollution Control.
  • Identification of idle/surplus assets and impaired assets.

Asset Management Resources core competency revolves around giving clients back the asset data visibility required to effectively perform best practices for managing personal property tax. Should additional assistance be required to capture additional tax savings through abatements or filing statutory/valuation appeals, then Asset Management Resources will align with the appropriate partner to provide additional value-add.







Detailed support, strategic alliances


AMR will provide accurate baseline inventory data...

and unique identifiers "barcode or RFID" that will allow you to track assets with less hassle.

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